Tim & Amy’s pre-wedding shoot

29 September 2021




So Colourful

Like many other couples who had planned their wedding for 2020, Amy and Tim had to postpone. Being impatient people, determined to be man and wife, they decided that two weddings were better than one! Consequently, by the time of their pre-wedding shoot in September 2021, they were already a married couple! 

Following on the ‘two in one’ theme, the couple had two themes during their pre-wedding shoot. The first was pretty traditional, they looked smart and we met in the fields by Compton Farm with the cliffs in the background.

Afterwards we wandered down vast steps, to the beach. This was where things got colourful. Amy changed into the wedding dress she had worn for their first little wedding and we proceeded to ‘trash the dress!’ They came prepared with eco-friendly biodegradable powder paint and a couple of colourful smoke bombs. As the sun set over the bay the couple even got into the autumnal sea. It was a glorious sight and left us incredibly excited for their big day.


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