Chic & the Beach, A Pre-Wedding Shoot.

7 August 2023




So Chic, so Freshwater!

Katie and Simon brought London chic to Freshwater Bay during their pre-wedding shoot. This gorgeous couple opted to make the most of their included shoot by scheduling it as a pre-wedding/post-wedding day! As is becoming more frequent, Katie and Simon had been officially wed in a small city ceremony the week before. Afterwards they visited Simon’s family home on the Island for a mini-moon and to meet up with me for these photos.

On a blustery Monday evening in August, on the tails of our return drive from Yorkshire, the couple brightened the day with their glamour and sparkling smiles. In the outfits they had chosen for their London nuptials, they were a joy to photograph on their favourite beach.

We ended the evening full of excitement about their upcoming wedding celebration!


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