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Nanny is 90. A family photograph of her ninetieth birthday

Nanny is 90!

On February the 10th 2022, Nanny Barbara turned 90 years old. We gathered at my Mum’s house near Oxfordshire.

golden evening light at my Mum's house in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire & Jenna’s Birthday

During lockdown my Mother moved from the South of England to Oxfordshire. Once we were allowed to move around again, we did a little visiting. As always, Mum had brought a house that needed entirely renovating.

Rishikesh Beatles Ashram

Rishikesh (i)

We spent a full week in RIshikesh and began to feel very at home there. You can walk everywhere and the pace is leisurely. Long boardwalks run along the river from Lakshman Jhula to Ram Jhula and then onwards towards a third bridge, still under construction.

Rishikesh, Himalayan sunrise

Rishikesh (ii)

It was easy to see why the culture adored the Ganges River, its meandering presence weaved through the mountains cold and energising, full of spirit and ancient wisdom. It is said one dip in the river can clean you of all worldly sin. However, we only managed a foot or two – It was pretty cold!

Ranthambore, India


After our frankly mind-blowing visit to the city of Jaipur, we hopped onto the train for the second phase of our journey. Destination: Ranthambhore National Park.



We arrived in Jaipur at around 10am on the 24th of January after a thirty hour journey from Heathrow. Much earlier that morning we had been dropped at Old Dehli Station.

Photo of The Amy Project

The Amy Project

The Amy project began with the concept of expanding on a piece of work my Dad did in the 80s, a musical theatre piece entitled, The Road to Madtown.

Photo of when Jess & James got married in the Lake District

Lake District Wedding

My cousin Jessica got married to James in the Lake District. I had never been to the Lakes before and was stunned by the magnificence of the scenery. We stayed in a pretty little Youth Hostel close to the Hotel were the wedding was taking place.

Photo of Keri & Roca

Keri & Roca

Our friend Keri has a great affinity with animals, she cares about them deeply. One Summer she developed a friendship with a Vixen Fox who was living at Steephill Cove. She called her Roca and invited me along to see the two of them together. It was a great privilege to see them play and relax in each others company. An understanding can pass between animals and humans who care enough to try and that is a beautiful thing to witness.



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