Words By Lucy Boynton-Jones

Oxfordshire & Jenna’s Birthday

18 September 2021



Into Oxfordshire

During lockdown my Mother moved from the South of England to Oxfordshire. Once we were allowed to move around again, we did a little visiting. As always, Mum had brought a house that needed entirely renovating. By the time we visited the first time, she had already created a little bubble of serenity for Nanny. So, whilst the rest of the building was a building site, Nanny was cosy in her annexe.

Very quickly the rest of the house came together, looking beautiful. The front transformed from a muddy yard into a sophisticated front garden. 

The last time we visited was for the 30th birthday party of one of my Sisters, Jenna. My Mum loves a good party and so combined it with her house warming. I was a bit lazy really and had too much fun, so only photographed the beginning! I wish I’d kept me camera out, as our nearly 90 year old Nanny had a great dance to our step-Dad Mark’s band!


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