Pre-Wedding Shoots

We offer pre-wedding shoots free with all of our wedding photography packages, but what are they and why are they important?

Words by Lucy Boynton-Jones

29 June 2023


As a prelude to your Big Day many photographers, including us, offer a pre-wedding shoot. This is often different to an engagement shoot, taking place later in the wedding planning journey. During initial consultations couples often seem nervous about this additional photoshoot. It may seem like ‘just another thing to do,’ but we genuinely believe it to be an important and magical piece in the process of recording your journey from betrothed to wed.

We offer a complimentary one hour pre-wedding shoot to everyone who books us as their wedding photographers.  In this blog I am going to explain a little bit about why 

Bianka and Ed during their pre-wedding shoot near Brighstone.

Getting To Know You

A pre-wedding shoot with us takes one hour and takes place at a mutually agreed time between your booking date and your wedding day. Within those constraints it can be anything that you would like it to be.

Many couples choose to arrange a walk in an area they love and to be photographed enjoying the scenery in a natural way. Animals are often included in these shoots. They often are not able to be at the wedding, so it’s a great way to capture their important role in your lives. Others still have more outlandish ideas; paint fights and sunset swims. Many couples now have a very small civil ceremony before a larger blessing and party, scheduling a pre-wedding shoot for after that small ceremony can make the occasion even more special.

A pre-wedding shoot is about the two of you, make it what you will.

The number one benefit of these shoots is the time and space that is gives us to get to know each other and build trust before we document your wedding.  For most people, allowing photographers access to document the emotional and intimate moments of this most important of days, is a nerve wracking business. The more we can build trust before that happens, the better your photographs will be.

Gemma and Jake with their beloved horse.

A pre-wedding shoot will calm your nerves and leave you feeling more organised. Almost every single couple that we have worked with has been nervous about being photographed. Unless you are used to being photographed, having photographers document your entire day can feel weird. 

A personal photoshoot can provide insight into how we work and also what works for you. In addition, this time can also be a great opportunity for us to hear about your wedding day plans, your timeline and the kind of moments we can expect. You can tell us about the exciting details you have been planning and we can advise you on how long you can expect certain photographic parts of the day to take.   

By the end of the session, in our experience, everyone feels relaxed and ready for the big day.

Amy and Tim, in technicolour!
Pre-wedding, post wedding
Alice, Daniel and Bowie

Beautiful Images

Of course at the end of all this comes the most obvious reason to take up your pre-wedding shoot – beautiful images. 

Leanne and Will in Newtown for their pre-wedding Shoot
An American, English, Spanish Love Story
In the Landscape
Holly and Ben were just married at their pre-wedding shoot, the day before their main wedding and blessing

Pre-wedding Galleries

You can view some of our favourite pre-wedding galleries below.  Each gallery reflects the individually within each couple and styles can range from romantic to energetic to casual or conceptual.  In all instances, a pre wedding shoot provides a wonderful opportunity to relax, be yourselves knowing 


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