Words By Lucy Boynton-Jones

Nanny is 90!

10 February 2022




Happy Birthday Nanny!

On February the 10th 2022, Nanny Barbara turned 90 years old. We were all very lucky growing up with Nanny. She looked after all of us. When Grandad was alive she looked after our home and kept us all very well fed. The last place we lived with our Grandad was a big house in the countryside on the Isle of Wight. My Mum ran it as a livery yard and it was a vibrant, busy place. I remember Grandad driving around on a sit-on lawn mower, wearing a wooly hat. I remember watching Dad’s Army and The Antique’s Roadshow with him. 

Now Nanny lives with my Mum in Oxfordshire. She is not very well now, having struggled to recover from Covid-19 a couple of months ago. Before that though she was able to enjoy my Sister Jenna’s 30th birthday party, where she drank and (with some assistance) danced the night away and then her own 90th birthday.

Friends & Family

To celebrate Nanny’s 90th, friends and family gathered at my Mum’s house in Childrey near Oxford. We had lunch and espresso martinis at the nearby Star Inn and spent time together in Mum’s dining room afterwards. Nanny’s two daughters, my Mum Karen and Auntie Debbie, were in attendance as were many of her Grandchildren and her great grandson Axl. Axl’s parents, my cousin Stefan and his wife were in the UK between jobs so it was the first time that a lot of us who had grown up together had seen each other for quite some time. As you can see from the photos, there were also dogs and the occasional horse. All important to complete the celebrations.


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