Pre-Wedding Shoot with Doberman!

2 June 2023




Windy Gap, Isle of Wight

The Happy Couple and their Giant Puppy!

Alice and Daniel’s pre-wedding photo session took place on the day before their wedding. They initially arranged to meet our team in the Compton Bay car park. On arriving, due to the rough weather and higher than expected tides, we had to reconsider our plan. At the request of the couple, we went to an alternative and picturesque spot some miles away. The moody weather suited the environment perfectly, and we captured some great shots.

The couple also brought along their playful 15-month-old Doberman puppy, who couldn’t contain his excitement during the entire photoshoot, and he ended up being the star of the session! 

Alice and Daniel felt that their bouncy furry friend might be too excitable for the wedding day itself. We, therefore, made the most of his enthusiasm and captured some remarkable candid moments with him. Overall, it was a fantastic experience documenting the love and affection between Alice, Daniel, and their gorgeous Doberman puppy.


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