Nicole & Steve

29 June 2019




A Family Field near Newport.

A Pre-Wedding Shoot One Year Before

Whilst most of my couples choose to have their pre-wedding photos taken a couple of months prior to their wedding, Nicole & Steve had a different idea. They asked whether theirs could take place a year to the day before their wedding, in the same spot that they would be getting married. The idea was to shoot them in the place, as it is naturally and then to be able to see it again in full wedding get-up! The location was a piece of land that is owned by Nicole’s family. On a normal day, horse and sheep graze the field with chickens clucking around them. As well as being a sentimental location for Nicole, it was great to be able to envision the wedding and we were able to chat about their plans at the same time.

Wedding in a Family Field

Nicole and Steve’s wedding took place on the hottest day of the year. Fortunately a great deal of the day, including the ceremony was in a wooded glade, blessed with shade and dappled light. The bridal party, having prepared at the home of one of the bridesmaids, travelled to site by tractor and trailer. The bride then continued this theme by riding down the aisle on horseback! Their ceremony, hosted by Island celebrant Jeni Law included a hand fasting by their children and a lively broom leap. The reception moved between hot sultry fields and the cool shade of the woods and had a wonderful laid back festival vibe. Sean Goodfield played guitar and the children sang along. As the sun cooled and the shadows grew longer, speeches were made and the couple had their first dance under the mid-summer evening sky.


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