Leanne & Will

25 June 2022



A Change of Plans

Leanne & Will’s wedding was one close to our hearts for a number of reasons. At the beginning of the century, when Lucy was still a teacher, she taught both Leanne and Will Science at Cowes High School. At a similar time, Will met Lucy’s Sister Jenna and they became best friends and partying partners. Although Leanne and Will were at School together, their relationship began later and they were clearly a match made in heaven! 

When the pair decided to marry we went to see them for our traditional pre-booking consultation. Will had planned every detail of that first wedding in a gorgeous, well organised binder, complete with hearts to denote page numbers! Sadly, after all their hard work, this planned was derailed firstly by Covid and then by the closure of their initial venue. Plans were put on hold for a while and in the meantime my Sister turned 30 with a huge party at our Mum’s house. This gave Will an idea and a change of plan. Leanne and Will would be married and party the day away in Wantage, Oxfordshire.

Leanne & Will, Together Forever

With the new venue in place Leanne and Will set about planning their big day. Aside from Leanne, Will loves nothing more than planning a party, which he did. All of it. The day was planned and executed by the couple themselves with Will even catering the event. He also made the love sign, photo booth frame, all the signs, the table decorations and bar himself! Only the cake was made elsewhere, by the fantastic All Rise. Their rings were from Wight Gold Coins.

It was a really beautiful day and as it ended we were able to snuggle down for the evening in Lucy’s Nan’s lounge! Couldn’t be better! Thanks so much for choosing us to photograph your wedding Leanne and Will!


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