Friday Night, the Night Before

27 August 2021



Friday Party Time

When Beth & Emily decided to get married on the Isle of Wight, they knew that loads of family and friends would be travelling across the Solent for the big event.  They decided to make that trip even more memorable for everyone by adding a party night on the Friday.

When I arrived to photograph it, the bridal parties were just completing their rehearsal. Emily really seemed to be enjoying having control of the megaphone!

East Afton Farm is the perfect venue for multiple celebrations like these. It has three barns as well as the house and annexe. The women were able to set up their pre-party in the third barn whilst the wedding set-up continued in the traditional and modern ones. This evening gathering also allowed guests who didn’t already know each other to meet before the wedding day. 

One of Beth and Emily’s good friends had made them a pair of bespoke Beer Pong tables. These were appreciated and used by guests young and old, although Beth’s Grandad was less than impressed by the choice of alcohol provided for the game!

The Summer evening provided glorious golden light, bathing the guests as they partied into the evening. It was a perfect prequel to the day yet to come.


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