Elizabeth & Philip

20 September 2021




An Island Elopement

When Elizabeth and Philip decided to wed, they planned on a cruise elopement. As with many wedding plans over the last couple of years, this proved impossible. Covid prevented the couple from taking their long awaited cruise and they had to rethink their plans.

Both Elizabeth and Philip have large families and so their choices were simple, invite everyone and have a huge, extravagant wedding or elope. Eventually, their romantic sides won out and they decided it was something they wanted to do just the two of them.

Once the Cruise was cancelled, they settled on The Royal Hotel for their intimate ceremony. It was a really peaceful day, I photographed Elizabeth’s preparations, she was incredibly excited about spending her life with the man she had fallen in love with.  Two staff members from the hotel performed readings for the couple, who afterwards enjoyed champagne in the lobby.  We took a walk together in the glorious autumn sunlight, up to the raised garden overlooking the sea for some formal photos. We finished beside the pool where the newly weds dipped their toes in the turquoise pool.


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