Alex & Lindsey

8 July 2017




Registry Office / Their Garden

A Super-Secret Wedding

I have known Alex, Lindsey & their beautiful family for a few years now. I met them through my work as an event photographer as Alex is a member of the reggae band The Ohmz; whom I have photographed on many occasions. Alex contacted me in June to find out when I was free for some photos and wouldn’t tell me why! I was intrigued! Eventually he confided to me of their wedding plans and informed me that no-one at all, including their children & the band knew that the wedding was taking place. It was a secret! Exciting!

Between them, Alex and Lindsey have 6 children, with a seventh on the way! They are wonderful parents and their children were heavily involved with the wedding on the day. However, their youngest children were kept in the dark about their plans because the pair knew that they would not be able to keep it a secret. The kids were all so excited on the day, completely delighted that their parents’ were to be wed. Obi kept shouting “Show me the love!” and Niya joined in most of the ceremony!

Due to the secret nature of this wedding, it was a simple affair. The wedding took place at Newport Registry Office and following this we went to their home to take some family photos. Alex and Lindsey celebrated with their extended family & friends the following week with a party at home. 


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