Holly & Ben

3 September 2022



Two Homes, One Wedding

Having been legally wed the previous day, Holly and Ben were pretty relaxed during their preparations. The couple were spread out across two houses, Ben’s parent’s house and their own home. The two houses are situated next door to each other in an amazing setting overlooking Colwell and Totland Bays. Holly, along with her family and friends were getting ready at the couples home. The house, at the time, was half finished inside and the outside was beautifully decorated for their reception. Meanwhile Ben and his party were preparing at his parent’s home where the ceremony was due to take place.

This was a bespoke wedding. Holly’s Mum made all of the rag-bunting and all of the decor was created by Holly with help from her friends and family. The bridesmaid dresses in hues of red and orange were all individual, created by a designer in London who is friends with one of the women. Everything from hair and make-up to the wedding cake was done by a friend.Holly looked stunning in a wedding dress from Eliza Jane Howell.

Please Party for Holly & Ben!

As the legal requirements had already been fulfilled, Holly & Ben opted to have a ceremony officiated by a great friend of theirs. It was a Wonderfull choice and added an extra layer of meaning to the humanist ceremony overlooking the Solent. The couple completed their nuptials with a planned streamer launch and an impromptu confetti shower. Speeches were completed immediately, as the groom and father of the bride addresses guests from a balcony!

Following on with the bespoke theme, the barbecue and buffet from The Terrace in Yarmouth was supplemented by guests bring dishes to add to the feast. A festive party atmosphere exuded throughout the afternoon and evening. Children played in the woods whilst adults reared and enjoyed the celebration. Later, the bride and groom danced to ‘Escape’m, The Piña Colada song!

It was a truly fantastic wedding and we are very grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you Holly and Ben!


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