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Katie and Simon looking chic, kissing at Freshwater Bay during their pre-wedding shoot

Chic & the Beach, A Pre-Wedding Shoot.

So Chic, so Freshwater! Katie and Simon brought London chic to Freshwater Bay during their pre-wedding shoot. This gorgeous couple opted to make the most of their included shoot by scheduling it as a pre-wedding/post-wedding day! As is becoming more

Leeanna and Andrew dancing at their wedding surrounded by friends. Venue is East Afton Farm

Leeanna & Andrew

At the beginning of October 2022 Leeanna and Andrew along with friends and family, travelled to the Isle of Wight to begin their next adventure together.

colourful streamers at Holly and Ben's wedding in September 2022

Holly & Ben

As the legal requirements had already been fulfilled, Holly & Ben opted to have a ceremony officiated by a great friend of theirs. It was a Wonderfull choice and added an extra layer of meaning to the humanist ceremony overlooking the Solent.

Jeevana and Siddarth's family photoshoot

Jeevana & Siddarth Family Shoot

In an unusual turn of events, both members of the couple contacted us at the same time, separately! They had each decided to research photographers on the Isle of Wight, whilst going about their independent daily tasks. How wonderful that they have the same taste and both chose to contact us!

Photo of Keri & Roca

Keri & Roca

Our friend Keri has a great affinity with animals, she cares about them deeply. One Summer she developed a friendship with a Vixen Fox who was living at Steephill Cove. She called her Roca and invited me along to see the two of them together. It was a great privilege to see them play and relax in each others company. An understanding can pass between animals and humans who care enough to try and that is a beautiful thing to witness.



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