Kashmir Café 2021

20 September 2021




Kashmir Café, Isle of Wight Festival

We're Back!

Kashmir Café at The Isle of Wight Festival returned in September 2021 following a one year break. With 2020 being the year of strange global pandemics, the festival unsurprisingly cancelled and many of us wistfully looked forward to a time when things may start to resemble ‘normality’ again.

Ditching the standard early June schedule and instead opting for a 4 day event in early September, the festival was undoubtably weighted with high expectations.  For many, this was the first live musical event in over two years and I think there was a huge desire for an almighty party!  Spirits were high, and we were treated to a largely sunny stretch of good weather to welcome back good times.

Kashmir Café is where it's at

At Lucy Boynton Photography, we have been honoured to be invited back each year over the last decade or so to cover Kashmir Café, a tent specialising in a tantalising brew of local and international music.  Organised by Quay Arts and run by a team of ludicrously passionate volunteers, you can be assured of a heady mix of music spanning many genres; from Jazz, to Rock n’ Roll, to Electronica – it is a wonderful space to chill, soak up the vibes and indulge in a cherry beer or two.

Due to work commitments, we were unable to cover the whole schedule.  Also, Lucy was away for a family shindig so photographic duties fell squarely on Chris’ shoulders for the most part.

Bands photographed appear in the following order; Mauvey, Boca, Jaz Connell, Angelina, Bugeye and After London.  All of these acts performed brilliantly energetic sets and were a pleasure to photograph.


Kashmir Café offers solace from the hectic main site with an (often) sun-drenched beer garden, lovingly conceived decor throughout, and a professional crew of dedicated volunteers ensuring everything runs smoothly.  Capturing the audience and general atmospherics can be as enjoyable as photographing the acts.


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