Artigan – Naming Ceremony

24 October 2021




A Little Bear Named Artigan

During October 2021, I was lucky enough to be invited to document the naming ceremony of a young boy named Artigan. A few years ago I had done the same for his big Sister Enya and I was very excited to return. 

Artigan and Enya’s parents, Marie and Rob organised a sweet ceremony and party for their little boy. Family, friends and dogs gathered to celebrate his naming and the ceremony was beautifully performed by Island Celebrant Jeni Law. Since the last time I saw her, Enya had grown into a brilliant big sister and looked after all of the children who had come to the celebration.

It was an incredibly joyful occasion, with guests from across the Irish Sea joining in via Zoom! Artigan’s story was put into words by his talented Mum and the entire family were sprinkled with stardust!

We wish them love and joy in their lives together as a family.


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