Ventnor Radar Station

29 July 2019




A House Up the Downs

Dating from 1938, Ventnor Radar Station seemed to many to be an unlikely site for a house. Recently an architect did manage to transform the site into a spectacular one. The Ventnor Radar Station house is controversial in appearance and location. St Boniface Down is owned by the National Trust and its grade two listed status. Although it is a thoroughly modern structure, its wartime past is still visible in the features of the house. In between the Second World War and the present, the ‘bunker‘ hosted many a free party.

We photographed the upside-down house for marketing. It’s ensuite bedrooms are built within the original structure at sub-ground level. Upstairs a vast inside-outside space takes up the entire floor. Full size windows at both ends create dramatic views out over both Ventnor to the South and an expanse of downland to the North.


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