Steve Stevens

29 May 2021




Steve's Leaving Home, Bye Bye

Until May last year Steve Stevens was our neighbour. He lived across the ‘road’ from us and we chatted pretty often. During spring 2021, Steve decided that it was time to leave Ventnor and return to live in Thailand where he had previously travelled. When putting his house up for sale, he commissioned us to come and photograph it for the estate agent. It was a lovely flat to photograph, looking directly out across the Channel towards France.

His flat sold quickly and by this time we had all become friends, discussing our mutual interests in meditation, India and the Beatles. As a leaving gift to Steve, we offered to photograph him with his home town in the background. We photographed him leaving our road for the final time and then met him on the cliffside nearby for the farewell shoot. He is pictured with the 4×4 that he drove halfway around the World and which he had to leave in the UK when he left.

Steve is now very clearly having the time of his life in Thailand. We wish him well and will try and visit one day. Steve, we miss you!


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