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Rishikesh Beatles Ashram

Rishikesh (i)

We spent a full week in RIshikesh and began to feel very at home there. You can walk everywhere and the pace is leisurely. Long boardwalks run along the river from Lakshman Jhula to Ram Jhula and then onwards towards a third bridge, still under construction.

Rishikesh, Himalayan sunrise

Rishikesh (ii)

It was easy to see why the culture adored the Ganges River, its meandering presence weaved through the mountains cold and energising, full of spirit and ancient wisdom. It is said one dip in the river can clean you of all worldly sin. However, we only managed a foot or two – It was pretty cold!

Ranthambore, India


After our frankly mind-blowing visit to the city of Jaipur, we hopped onto the train for the second phase of our journey. Destination: Ranthambhore National Park.



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