New Carnival Company Workshops

19 June 2022



New Carnival Company & Ryde Arts

The New Carnival Company are an integral part of Ryde Carnival and have been for many years. During the run-up to Carnival season, they run fantastic workshops for children and adults. These workshops involve the local community in creating the stunning costumes and props needed to take part in the carnivals. They also educate locals about the history of Ryde carnivals one of the oldest in the country. The company use sustainable materials and processes to create these stunning, colourful costumes.

The New Carnival Company, along with Shademakers are partners in the Waving the Flag project, supporting the development of Ryde Carnival. Waving the Flag is the cultural programme of Ryde High-street Action Zone. It is funded by Historic England, Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery. The programme is managed by Ryde Arts.

Flowerpot Men

Over the course of four workshops the company and workshop attendees created a range of fantastical costumes and creation based around the theme of ‘Flowerpot Men’. These costumes celebrate gardens, food and sustainability in all its forms.  A huge flower in a pot provided the central element of their theme. This was surrounded by papier-maché flowers, insects, fruit and vegetables. All the participants then have the opportunity to walk in the costumes with their creations.


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