Roshan & Tom’s Pre-Wedding Shoot

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Roshan & Tom

Roshan & Tom are getting married in April and their pre-wedding shoot was my first of 2019. As they both work in a School we chose February half-term for their pre-wedding shoot. Predictably the weather was grey all week! Regardless we pushed ahead and using their home as a base, found a beach so beautiful that it more than made up for the grey skies. Both Roshan & Tom were really nervous as we started, never having spent time in front of the camera. We walked and talked for a while and as their confidence grew started to take photos. As with all of my couples, I asked them to concentrate upon each other. I rarely pose people for photos, especially couples, preferring to capture moments that develop as they connect with each other. The resulting photos are beautiful and their personalities shine through. I can’t wait for the wedding!

Thank you both for a great evening! x

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