Pre-Wedding Shoot – Katie & Ashley

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Katie & Ashley

Katie & Ashley’s pre-wedding shoot took place on a glorious autumn evening in Gurnard on the Isle of Wight. The light was more golden than we had ever imagined. The couple were a little nervous at first in front of the camera, so we took a stroll, shooting as we went. The beach at Gurnard has a wild feel; the shrubby green reaches right down to the stoney shore which is peppered with larger rocks and boulders. It makes a stunning backdrop for a couple in love. Katie & Ashley quickly relaxed, concentrating on each other and forgetting about the camera. They were so natural and happy together laughing and sharing intimate moments that it made my job easy. We had a lovely time on the beach, created some beautiful images together and all felt more prepared for the wedding day. Thank you for having me guys, it was a pleasure. 

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