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Event photography by Lucy Boynton


My New Website!

Today I launched my brand spanking new website and am celebrating by writing this blog. 

Building it has been a long sometimes monotonous journey. Sitting by myself adding and deleting images, writing and deleting copy it felt like it might take forever. The final phase of building however, has been a joy. I’ve been working with my partner; artist and designer Chris Jones (GDNS – Art & Design) to style the site. That part was great fun and now, the launch itself is really very exciting.

The site is on soft launch at the moment, meaning that it’s published, but I have yet to publicise it. I still need to enlist Chris for a few additional tweaks and to check that the e-commerce is properly set up. Then it’ll be time to show the masses, to encourage friends & potential clients to visit the site to enjoy my work.

I have been taking photos for such a long time now, but have rarely felt able to display my images well. The photo book that Chris and I are working on has helped me to appreciate how good presentation enhances photos. Now for the first time, this website allows me to do the same with my online presence.

Future Blogging…


Blogging has never been my strong point, but I am fully intending to keep up with this one. I have put all of my photographic self into this website and am looking forward to sharing my stories with you. Some of you may even find the odd snippet of what I post entertaining or informative. I also have a few interesting things coming up which I will post about, for example an article I have coming out on Grow your own Gorgeousness. I’ll post a link to that when it’s published.

Thanks for reading guys, I’ll be back soon!



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