Muddy Bull Run


The Muddy Bull Run is The Isle of Wight’s first and only obstacle cross country run. Held once a Year at Three Gates Farm, the site of Rhythmtree Festival, the run offers fun, challenge and lots and lots of mud! Starting in small groups teams, as well as individuals enter the course at speed. Natural hazards such as fallen trees and streams inhibit progress, man-made obstacles make team work a must. The runners starting early in the day have an easier time of things, as the day progresses so does the mud.  Three Gates Farm is a really beautiful site for the event. The locale ensures that the run is stunning as well as hard work. All of the athletes returned to the finish line exhausted and muddy but euphoric; celebrating with their team mates and enjoying the alfresco shower. 

The Muddy Bull Run was a great success in 2018 and is looking set to be bigger and better in 2019. Get involved!

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