Laura & Dan in the bluebells


A tale of love & of bluebell woods

Laura & Dan

 Earlier this year my (second) cousin Laura got engaged to Dan. A few months ago, Laura and I got together for coffee and cake at The Tea House in Ventnor. We wanted to have a chat about me doing an engagement shoot for them. By the time the cake was finished we had finalised our ideas. Both Laura and I have always loved the woods at Borthwood, especially during spring when the bluebells show up. The only drawback with this plan was that we couldn’t set a definite date until the first blue flowers bloomed. We waited through spring, which came early this year.  Then, around two weeks ago my neighbour, Marjorie came to tell me that there were signs of spring in the woods, so Laura and I finally made a date for the shoot.


The Bluebell Woods

The bluebells came early this year, so on 19th April Laura, Dan and I set off for Borthwood Copse to take some photos. We were not to be disappointed! The evening sun was warm and low, shining sun-beams onto the carpet of blue on the forest floor. We  cam across areas which stretch as far as the eye could see, back into the distance. Dan was a little bit nervous about these photos, but Laura was so relaxed. As she chatted to him throughout the shoot he began to relax and enjoy the environment more. 

I am so pleased with how these photos have come out. The wonderful couple, dappled light, sea of bluebells and soothing ambience of the woods combined to make it a really enjoyable, as well as successful photo shoot.

Thank you to Dan & Laura for making it happen. x


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