Clap your Hands. A Collaboration.


With a focus on magical and often absurd happenings, this project seeks to document the energy and excitement of festival culture in the uk from sleepy beginnings, to hedonistic euphoria, through to Sunday surreality. ‘Clap your Hands’ is a self-initiated collaborative project between photographers Chris Jones and Lucy Boynton.

Taking inspiration from photographers such as William Eggleston, Chris’ work seeks to capture secret and nuance within familiar scenes, the resulting images often feeling ethereal in nature. With a background in commercial and documentary photography, Lucy’s work focuses on people and the way in which they experience life. Her inspirations for this project include photographer David Hurn. For this collaboration, their individual styles aim to juxtapose two threads of the same story, the resulting collection being a fascinating, occasionally bizarre look at festival culture in the 21st century.

Taken between 2010 and 2016 at Bestival on the Isle of Wight, the project aims to explore the human experience within the confines of a festival environment. The resulting narrative is one of human interaction onsite; with each other, and with the event itself.

Curated to mimic the energy of a festival weekend, thus beginning slowly, calm and serene with an air of innocence. As the narrative progresses, so does the experience of the observer, moving with gathering pace toward a climax in the very centre of the book. Thereafter, an air of strangeness creeps in, the experience becoming darker and ever so slightly twisted towards the end.

The final project features 100 carefully curated photographs, a mixture of black & white and colour, each edited to complement the compositional aspects of the photo.

We have entered the book into a British Journal of Photography/Bob Books competition.


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